Solution Briefs

Fusion SureErase from SanDisk: Securely Delete Data to Department of Defense Sanitization Standards

The Fusion SureErase utility enables users to securely remove/erase all data on any Fusion ioMemory PCIe device following DoD/NIST standards in less than one minute.

The Problem

Fusion ioMemoryTM PCIe application accelerators from SanDisk deliver the performance today’s mission-critical enterprise applications demand. However, very often, organizations are processing data of a sensitive nature. Such organizations need to know that data can be deleted rapidly and permanently to keep it safe from exposure.

Examples of such organizations include the following:

  • Military, intelligence agencies, and contractors
  • Financial institutions
  • Businesses that gather, process, or store personal data


The Solution

The Fusion SureErase utility from SanDisk, which comes with all Fusion ioMemory PCIe application accelerators, enables users to securely remove/erase all data on any Fusion ioMemory PCIe based technology, following DoD/NIST standards, in less than one minute^1. The Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA) has officially confirmed that Fusion SureErase successfully sanitizes data in accordance with the NSA/CSS Storage Device Declassification Manual for data being declassified from a secret to unclassified environment.


What Fusion SureErase Does

Fusion SureErase has two erase options: Clear and Purge. The default “Clear” option performs a full low-level erase (every cell pushed to “1”) of the entire NAND media, including retired erase blocks. This option does not erase metadata required for operation (media event log, erase counts, physical bytes read/written, performance and thermal history), but destroys all user-specific metadata. The Clear option is resistant to keystroke recovery attempts executed from standard input devices and from data scavenging tools.

The “Purge” option overwrites every cell of the entire NAND media to a logical “0,” including retired erase blocks, and then performs a full low-level erase (every cell pushed to “1”). As with the Clear option, metadata required for operation is not destroyed, but user-specific metadata is destroyed. Purging information protects the confidentiality of information against even a laboratory attack.


How to Use Fusion SureErase

Fusion SureErase is a utility that Fusion ioMemory PCIe administrators run from the command line interface of a Fusion ioMemory host. For example, to Clear a Fusion ioMemory SX300 PCIe application accelerator, you would remove all Fusion ioMemory SX300 PCIe cards you do not want to sanitize, detach the Fusion ioMemory SX300 PCIe card you do want to sanitize (with the fio-detach command) and type the following:
fio-sure-erase –v

To run the Purge option, you would type the following:
fio-sure-erase –p –v


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